Last year, Rebuild began work at 61 parks, recreation centers, and libraries. In 2020, construction will begin at many of these sites; turning residents’ vision into reality. As Rebuild gains momentum, there are lots of reasons to get excited.

Breaking Ground

Check out these six Rebuild projects that will begin construction when the weather warms up. All promise to have a big impact in their neighborhoods:

  1. 8th & Diamond Playground – A new playground and building improvements; funded in partnership with Council President Darrell Clarke, the Division of Housing and Community Development, and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. 
  2. Capitolo Playground – A new sprayground. Design of a new natural grass field and soccer mini-pitch is also underway.
  3. East Poplar Playground – A new playground and sprayground.
  4. Fishtown Lederer Pool – A modern, redesigned pool and sprayground.
  5. Hancock Playground  – A new playground and outdoor fitness area.
  6. Miles Mack Playground – A new playground and building improvements.

Ready to Play

Rebuild’s earliest construction projects are winding down. This spring, six recently completed projects will re-open, ready for residents to enjoy:

  1. Disston Playground.
  2. Fishtown Recreation Center Hockey Rink .
  3. Gifford Playground.
  4. Hayes Playground.
  5. Moss Playground.
  6. Parkside Fields.

Ones to Watch

Activity is happening at different stages at the vast majority of the 72 approved Rebuild facilities. Here are two sites that will soon move from planning to action:

  1. Fotteral Square – In 2020 residents’ vision for a major renovation of the square will take the next step. Rebuild will begin meeting with residents to finalize designs for the upgrades to Fotteral Square. Planned upgrades include a new multi-sport athletic field and improved site improvements.
  2. Nelson Playground – Parks & Recreation cut the ribbon on a new playground at Nelson last year. In 2020 improvements will focus on Nelson’s recreation building. New flooring, HVAC, and a new kitchenette will complement a building addition that will offer more space to host the site’s popular youth programming.