In the first 12 months since Rebuild’s Beverage Tax funding was released, work has begun at over 60 facilities across the city. This work represents $126 million of new investment, going to mostly high needs neighborhoods. 

In the months to come, Rebuild will start work on more new projects, including kicking off construction at more than 8 new sites this spring. 

Under the leadership of newly appointed Executive Director Kira Strong, Rebuild’s small business supports, workforce program, and community engagement opportunities will continue to serve Philadelphians across the city. Here is Rebuild’s full “2019 by the numbers” update, with some highlights below.

Rebuild 2019 engagement, design and construction by the numbers:

  • 61 facilities with work underway.
  • $126 million in committed or expended funds.
  • $4.8 million in new grants.
  • 8 new playgrounds completed or underway.
  • 4 new roofs installed.

Rebuild 2019 workforce development by the numbers:

In July 2019, Rebuild launched two pilot job programs aimed at giving diverse Philadelphians opportunities for paid training and work on Rebuild projects. 

  • 16 enrollees in the workforce development training program
  • 25% women; 100% people of color recruited
  • 50% of workforce trainees now working as union apprentices
  • 8,300* total paid workforce training hours and apprenticeship hours completed

Rebuild 2019 diverse business programs by the numbers

Rebuild’s small business supports provide tailored skills building and assistance to diverse, Philadelphia-based small businesses looking to work on Rebuild projects.

  • 15 businesses approved for the Rebuild Emerging Vendors Program.
  • 43 businesses enrolled in Rebuild Ready Small Business Support Program.
  • 42% of committed contract dollars slated to go to MBEs. **
  • 24% of committed contract dollars slated to go to WBEs. **
  • 45% of total hours worked to date by women and people of color.

* Estimate as of December 31, 2019
** On Rebuild initiated contracts, as of December 2, 2019

In the New Year, Rebuild will:

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