Fishtown Recreation Center

A Rebuild project


The Fishtown Recreation Center is a 1.4-acre site that includes:

  • Playground equipment.
  • Basketball courts.
  • A sprayground.
  • A picnic area.
  • A hockey rink.

Like many recreation centers across the City, the rec center’s facilities need major investment for modernization and repair. The playground is over 30 years old, and “Swimmo”—the recreation center pool—has been closed due to plumbing failures.

Rebuild will partially fund a new playground, as well as a new roof for the outdoor hockey rink. The public pool will be completely redesigned and rebuilt.


The playground groundbreaking took place in March 2019.


2551 N 22nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19132
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Project contact information

Organization Email
The Trust for Public Land (playground only)
City of Philadelphia