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Miles Mack Playground

A Rebuild project


Miles Mack Playground is a 2.5-acre site located in Philadelphia’s Mantua neighborhood. It’s named in honor of Miles Mack, who founded a basketball league to combat youth violence. Currently, the site has:

  • Playground equipment.
  • A sprinkler.
  • Sports fields.
  • Basketball courts.
  • A two-room building.

Project management

Rebuild is leading this project. If you have questions, contact us at

For questions about community engagement, contact the Roz Group at


732-66 N. 36th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
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Project Status: Complete

  • An updated recreation building with improvements made to accommodate future programming needs
  • Playground renovations focused on intergenerational activities and play options that encourage physical activity
    • Dynamic climbing structures for children
    • A series of pull up bars for youth and adults
    • An intergenerational swing that allows caregivers to enjoy face to face playtime with younger children
    • Universally accessible sprayground
  • A brand new fitness loop complete with an adult fitness area
  • Brand new, ADA accessible picnic area
  • Refurbished basketball courts
  • The addition of new trees and updated landscaping to the playground and picnic area