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City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Department of Prisons

  • Programs

    A variety of services and programs offered to inmates, including counseling; job placement; addiction treatment; individual, family, and group therapy; educational services; religious services; and psychological services.

  • Facilities

    Philadelphia's correctional facilities confine adults who have been committed by the courts and juveniles who have been remanded to the adult penal system through either direct file or certification. Find facility history, visiting rules, and hours.

  • Inmate Support

    Information for friends and family, such as: visiting locations, facility hours, contact information, fund allocations, and cashier hours.


The new visitation pilot at House of Correction (only) was created to shorten wait times for visitors and allow more flexibility for when individuals can visit. Previously, visitors had mandated visitation windows based on the last name of the incarcerated person they were visiting. For example, inmates with last names that start A-C had visitors on Monday afternoons.

This policy was less convenient for individuals who were unavailable during their assigned visitation windows because of work or other inflexible obligations. The new policy will ensure that visitors have the opportunity to visit their friends or loved ones at times that are more convenient for them. It will also shorten wait times because people will sign up for a specific hour rather than a large window of time.

In person visits will continue. Additionally, no one following the old policy will be turned away from visits during this pilot. This is a pilot project and we are collecting feedback, which will be taken into account before any decision is made regarding implementing the policy across the prison system.

HOC scheduled visitor pilot survey.

Inmate Access

Access hours and rules, per Philadelphia Prisons System facilities. Check visiting times and requirements for all facilities.

Pennsylvania Crime Victims

If you have been affected by crime in Pennsylvania or know someone who has, PCV can help you. This website gives information about the criminal and juvenile justice systems, available services, the impact of crime, as well as how to get help.

Place Funds for an Inmate

Make inmate deposits, probation & parole payments or send email messages in the most efficient and secure manner possible.

Clothing Orders

SecurePak is an on-line store that allows you to send clothing and gift bags to an inmate in the Philadelphia Prison System. Orders can be placed on-line.


A debit call option offered through the Philadelphia Prison System's Commissary services. Debit Call is an outgoing telephone call from established debit telephone account purchased by the inmate through commissary. To set up a pre-paid account, that will allow inmate phone calls, please use the AdvancePay system.

What's New

  • Philadelphia Department of Prisons awarded Public Health Recognition Award
  • Plans to Close the House of Correction by 2020
  • A Data Snapshot of Reentry and Recidivism in Philadelphia

Bail Information

Receive information regarding hours, requirements and locations for paying bail.

  • Bail Information

Inmate Information/Complaints and Office of Public Relations