Target 5: Greenhouse Gas Emission
Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 20 percent
Philadelphia has already decreased its greenhouse emissions by nearly 10 percent from its 1990 levels, but must do more to help avert the worst-case scenarios related to global climate change. Nearly every initiative described in Greenworks Philadelphia will help the city lower its emissions to a targeted reduction of 20 percent below 1990 levels by 2015. This reduction target will enable Philadelphia to meet the emissions commitments of the US Conference of Mayors, ICLEI and the Clinton Climate Initiative.

Source: Local Action Plan for Climate Change, City of Philadelphia

Opportunities for Philadelphia in Proposed Federal Cap & Trade Legislation
A federal cap and trade proposal would certainly have economic effects, with the impact varying by state. If the funding were to be apportioned based on population, the Center for American Progress estimated that Pennsylvania could receive between $2 billion and $13 billion per year for energy-related work. With its vast portfolios of existing buildings and infrastructure, Philadelphia, in turn, couldwould become one of the best places to find and harvest carbon reduction measures. Greenworks Philadelphia’s proposed Sustainable Energy Authority (See Target 3) could become the local marketplace for buying and selling carbon, using the city’s own reductions in energy demand and attendant carbon emissions as the commodity. Proposed federal cap and trade policies only amplify the importance of Greenworks Philadelphia’s initiatives in securing a future of prosperity for Philadelphia.