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Goal: Philadelphians unite to build a sustainable future

Dear Friends,

As you've seen in this report, the Mayor's Office of Sustainability and our partners have spent the past year building the systems, programs, and partnerships we need to implement Greenworks. We're excited to continue collaborating with many of you during the second year of Greenworks as we work toward our ambitious goals.

During our first year of implementation, Philadelphians showed their commitment to Greenworks. In an impressive display of cooperation, leaders from numerous City agencies as varied as the Streets Department, the Zoning Code Commission, and the Department of Health, came together in our Sustainability Working Group and committed to being champions of sustainability across City government.

In the coming year, we will focus on increasing our community outreach and education efforts to make sure that Greenworks brings value to residents and businesses throughout Philadelphia. This summer we're collaborating on a series of events showcasing the great green work already underway in the City, and we're planning to offer resources and expertise to neighborhood groups interested in making their communities more sustainable. To help you understand what we're doing and why, we recently upgraded our website and created a YouTube channel. Who knows, you may even find us tweeting in the near future.

We're thrilled with the momentum Greenworks generated in its first year. It's truly a plan that has energized Philadelphia, and we couldn't have progressed this far without your involvement and support. We look forward to continuing and strengthening our partnerships, and we want to hear from you. Be in touch. Visit us online at or email us at And thanks again for all you do to make Philadelphia a sustainable city!

Katherine Gajewski
Director of Sustainability
City of Philadelphia


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