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Goal: Philadelphia creates a competitive advantage from sustainability

Target 13

Increase The State Of Good Repair In Resilient Infrastructure

Philadelphia Secures Funds for Infrastructure Repair and Upgrade

In 2009, Philadelphia repaved more than 1,275 city blocks. The staff of the Streets Department, Water Department, and Division of Aviation worked long hours to have projects ready for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding. The Streets Department and Division of Aviation are set to receive $70 million in grants to invest in our aging infrastructure. The funds will repave hundreds of blocks, convert every traffic signal in the City to energy efficient LED bulbs, deploy thousands of bike racks, reconstruct Philadelphia International Airport's longest runway, install state of the art baggage screening at the airport, and bring Big Belly solar compactor trash cans to South, North, and West Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Water Department will receive $200 million in low-interest ARRA loans to replace 34 total miles of water mains, a 75 percent increase over its baseline annual replacement rate. The ARRA loans will fund rehabilitation of our water treatment facilities, and PWD will also receive non-recovery low-interest loans to install new sewer piping and green infrastructure.