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With this report, we are charting our progress over the first year of a six-year plan.

For each initiative outlined in Greenworks, we assigned a value on a progress bar of zero through five. For each target, the percent progress toward completion represents an average across all initiatives under that target. For example, Target 1 includes 14 initiatives, and the sum of their progress bar values is 33, which is 47% of the 70 possible progress points for 14 initiatives. Note that some completed initiatives (a 5 on the progress bar), are also marked as "ongoing." In these instances, we have achieved the stated goal, but work on the initiatives continues. Greenworks, is a living document. In year one, we added and realigned initiatives, and we anticipate additional changes in year two. This summer we will be launching the Greenworks, database, which will increase our capacity to track detailed metrics and capture project updates. We will regularly share this information with the public on our website and will publish a comprehensive progress report each spring.