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2011 Message from the Mayor

We’re very proud to share with you the 2011 Greenworks Progress Report. We couldn’t have achieved these impressive outcomes without committed partnerships among Philadelphia’s residents, businesses, and organizations, and we thank you for all of your hard work. This report details shared progress toward shared goals.

Since we launched Greenworks in 2009, we’ve been working hard to become the greenest city in America. We’ve quickly and aggressively adopted policies and created programs, and as a result work on 135 of the 151 Greenworks initiatives is either in progress or complete.

This is an exciting time for our city. Philadelphia’s commitment to sustainability has put us on the map, and other cities are looking at the example we’re setting. Our successes are attracting not only interest but investments. People and businesses want to be a part of Philadelphia’s future.

For the first time in more than 60 years our population is growing, and to keep attracting people to our city we’ll continue providing more economic opportunities and capitalizing on the quality of life our dense urban infrastructure offers. Places like Philadelphia that provide clean air and water, open space, energy efficient buildings, and a skilled workforce will be the cities of the future.

The Navy Yard, a decommissioned naval base on the Delaware River Waterfront, is becoming a dynamic clean technology hub, attracting investment and jobs from around the world. The Mark Group, a successful weatherization company from the U.K., located its U.S. headquarters there. They started out with nine employees, in six months have grown to over 40, and plan to continue expanding. PaceControls, a manufacturer of energy-saving equipment, recently relocated to the Navy Yard to design and build its nextgeneration product line.

The Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster (GPIC), an interdisciplinary group working to improve energy efficiency of new and existing buildings, also chose to locate at the Navy Yard. GPIC received a $129 million federal grant to serve as the U.S. Department of Energy’s national energy efficiency hub, and the group is putting Philadelphia at the center of the country’s clean energy economy.

Beyond the Navy Yard, we’re planning our long-term, city-wide growth and development with sustainable values at the core. As we update the City’s zoning code and comprehensive plan, we’re making sure they support green practices including renewable energy production, transit-oriented development, and adaptive reuse of existing infrastructure. And we’re leading the way nationally by managing our stormwater with green infrastructure that also cleans the air and provides recreational and economic opportunities.

Next year will mark the mid-way point in the Greenworks timeline. We’re proud of what we have accomplished so far, but there’s much more work to do. We look forward to continued progress and collaboration.

Many, many thanks to each and every one who has contributed.


Michael A. Nutter
Katherine Gajewski