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Target 11

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Increase Tree Coverage Toward 30 Percent In All Neighborhoods by 2025

Tree Canopy Assessment Will Guide Major Planting Campaign

The City of Philadelphia is creating a strategic and comprehensive plan to reach the Greenworks goal of planting 300,000 trees by 2015. With funds from the United States Forest Service, the City is conducting an urban tree canopy assessment. Using satellite imagery that is accurate to within one meter and LiDAR technology that can measure tree height, the survey will include virtually every tree in Philadelphia and identify the best opportunities for planting. In the meantime, the City is working to find nursery stock for the ambitious planting schedule and to revise the City's zoning code to encourage tree planting.

In April 2010, the Department of Parks and Recreation kicked off "Green Philly, Grow Philly," the first phase of a comprehensive tree-planting campaign. To achieve the Greenworks tree coverage goal, the City will build on existing partnerships among Parks and Recreation, the Philadelphia Water Department, and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society by working side-by-side with private organizations, nonprofits, neighborhoods, and individual residents. The University of Pennsylvania has signed on as the first institutional partner for the campaign, and Parks and Recreation is working with other institutions to create additional partnerships.

"Street trees and forest trees aren't enough. To achieve our aggressive goal, we need everyone in Philadelphia to contribute," said Joan Blaustein, Director of Environment, Stewardship, and Education for Fairmount Park. "Street trees, parks, recreational areas, schoolyards, libraries, businesses, residences—our campaign will encompass all of these areas."