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Reduce Citywide Building Energy Consumption By 10 Percent

City Leverages Funds to Expand Private Retrofit Market

Buildings account for more than half of citywide energy use and are the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in Philadelphia. Our buildings represent enormous opportunity to save energy and money through retrofits, but the complexity of these projects can present a hurdle to many.

To meet the needs of business and home owners, in 2010 the City of Philadelphia and its partners in the Metropolitan Caucus launched EnergyWorks, a comprehensive retrofit program designed to accelerate the growth of a robust private retrofit market in the five-county region. By providing technical expertise, below market-rate financing, and quality assurance all under one roof, EnergyWorks makes energy retrofits affordable and easy to navigate. To date the program has provided information and education on retrofits to over 15,000 homeowners, audited and/or retrofitted over 400 homes, and approved over $6 million in commercial retrofit loans for projects ranging from new hotels to historic office buildings.

Another tool the City offered in 2010 with the support of Recovery funds is the Greenworks Rebate Fund, which assists small businesses across Philadelphia with energy retrofits by refunding up to 50% of the cost for qualifying projects. Restaurants upgraded refrigeration equipment, retail shops purchased high-efficiency LED lighting, and office buildings replaced inefficient HVAC equipment. Projects completed to date have an average energy savings of 52% and together reduce carbon emissions by over 60 tons annually.

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