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Data, Reports & Research

Community Health Assessment

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health collects, analyzes, and reports on a wide variety of public health data.

These data inform the Department’s programs and policies. They also help the public and our partners to better understand and address Philadelphia’s health challenges.

Recent reports can be found below. Archived reports can be found here.

Looking for a birth or death certificate?
Pennsylvania birth or death records should be ordered from the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Division of Vital Records. The Philadelphia Department of Public Health does not issue or maintain birth or death certificates.  Please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health or call (866) 712-8238.

Philadelphia Department of Public Health Reports

2017 Health of the City
This is how we are doing on key health indicators.

Community Health Assessment (CHA)

The Community Health Assessment (CHA) is a systematic assessment of population health in Philadelphia, highlighting key public health challenges and assets and informing local public health programs, policies, and partnerships. The CHA includes more than 60 indicators reflecting health behaviors, health conditions, health care factors, and social and environmental determinants of health. 

Comments can be submitted to 

Community Health Assessment 2016 (Powerpoint slides)
Community Health Assessment 2016 (PDF)
Community Health Assessment 2015 (PDF)
Community Health Assessment 2014 (PDF)

Community Health Explorer

The Community Health Explorer provides easy-to-use, responsive and accessible visualization tools for viewing the vast amount of data collected annually for the Community Health Assessment. The Explorer includes comprehensive, up-to-date insight into 77 health indicators along four ‘dimensions’: by geography, racial disparity, chronologically, and in comparison to other large cities.

Community Health Explorer  

To download all available datasets from the City of Philadelphia, visit OpenDataPhilly.

Births and Deaths

Looking for a birth or death certificate?
Please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health or call (866) 712-8238.

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health does not issue or maintain
birth or death certificates.

Vital Statistics 
The Department produces an annual report on births and deaths among Philadelphia residents.

Philadelphia Maternal Mortality Report, 2010-2012 (2015)
This report focuses on the pregnancy-related deaths in 2010-2012 that were reviewed by the Philadelphia Maternal Mortality Review Team.

Philadelphia Child Death Review Report, 2009-2010 (2013) 
This report focuses on the children whose deaths in 2009 and 2010 were reviewed by the Philadelphia Child Death Review Team.

Philadelphia Homeless Death Review Report, 2009-10 (2012) 
This report focuses on the homeless people whose deaths in 2009 and 2010 were reviewed by the Philadelphia Homeless Death Review Team.

More reports:
Fatality Review Program
Maternal, Child & Family Health 

HIV, STD, and Communicable Diseases

HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report (2015) 
This report summarizes data on new and pre-existing cases of HIV and AIDS, including the method of transmission. Data are presented by age, gender, race/ethnicity, and geography.

Division of Disease Control Annual Report (2016) 
This report summarizes the diseases and conditions that health care providers and laboratories are required to report to PDPH, such as STDs, hepatitis, influenza, and vaccine-preventable conditions.

More reports: 
AIDS Activities Coordinating Office

Health Information Portal

Smoking, Obesity, and Related Chronic Diseases

Get Healthy Philly Annual Report (2014) 
This report summarizes the efforts of the Department of Public Health and its partners in promoting healthy eating, active living, and smoke-free individuals and communities.

Smoking, Obesity, and Related Chronic Conditions (2015) 
Pages 58-106 of the Community Health Assessment provide the latest data on smoking, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. They are available for Philadelphia over time, by race-ethnicity, and by neighborhood.

More reports:
Get Healthy Philly 

Environmental Health

Philadelphia Air Quality Report (2013) 
This report provides an annual summary of air quality in Philadelphia.

More reports:
Air Management
Environmental Health 

Additional Data Requests
To request additional data, please complete all sections of the data request form  and email the Office of Health Information and Improvement. Due to limited staff resources and pertinent data restrictions, not all data requests can be met.

Research and Publications

Department of Public Health Institutional Review Board (IRB)
The IRB reviews all research proposals involving persons receiving services directly from or funded by/through the Department of Public Health, the Department of Behavioral Health, the Department of Finance, and the Office of Risk Management. The IRB also reviews proposals involving data from the Medical Examiner's Office as well as proposals submitted with a request for review by other City departments.

Health Commissioner’s Office Review Committee
This committee reviews all research proposals to ensure that research involving PDPH data, staff or clients supports the mission of the Department.

CHART is a publication of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, and is intended to highlight under-reported or under-appreciated public health issues in an effort to kick-start a conversation.

Scientific Publications
Department of Public Health staff regularly publish articles in scientific journals that help advance public health science and practice.

Other Public Health Data

Local Resources

State Resources

National Resources