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SmartCityPHL Project Task Force

The SmartCityPHL Project Task Force will review proposed projects that collect public data or involve new technologies like machine learning.

About the task force

The SmartCityPHL Project Task Force will offer objective, expert reviews of potential smart city projects. These projects may collect public data or involve new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The task force will provide feedback to help the City ensure that the projects:

  • Prioritize the community’s best interests.
  • Preserve individual privacy.

Task force members

Name Affiliation
Kelsey Finch Senior Counsel, The Future of Privacy Forum
Ellen P. Goodman Professor, Rutgers Law School; Co-director, Rutgers Institute for Information Policy & Law
Julia Stoyanovich Institute Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Tandon School of Engineering; Associate Professor of Data Science, Center for Data Science; Director, Center for Responsible AI, New York University
Dennis Culhane Professor of Social Policy, School of Social Policy and Practice, University of Pennsylvania
Jerry Overton CEO of appliedAIstudio, University of Drexel
Al Motley, Jr. Founding Partner, TECHADEMICS
Adwait Nadkarni Assistant Professor, The College of William and Mary
Yuan Tian Assistant Professor, University of Virginia