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A SmartCityPHL project


During COVID-19, residents and businesses have used public space in new ways. Outdoor dining, performances, and art installations increased, competing with existing uses like driving, walking, and biking. As Philadelphia reopens, the City wants to better understand how the streets and sidewalks are being used.

SmartBlockPHL will use 14 smart streetlights to collect information about pedestrian traffic, street activity, and the environment in Midtown Village. Specifically, the sensors in the streetlights will:

  • Count people and objects.
  • Check air quality.
  • Monitor weather conditions.

Through this pilot project, the City will test ways to collect real-time data accurately and efficiently, while respecting residents' privacy. The data will guide the City's decisions on how public spaces can better accommodate many needs and uses.



Learn about data privacy and collection

Get answers about the technology that is being used for SmartBlockPHL and how the data will be managed.

Project location and timing

This project will take place on the 100 block of South 13th Street between Chestnut Street and Walnut Street. This corridor was selected for the pilot due to the mix of dining and retail uses, increased foot traffic, and existing public infrastructure.

Project timing

  • Sensors installed and calibrated: July 2021
  • Sensors collecting real-time data: December 2021
  • Pilot concludes: Late 2022


City of Philadelphia

  • Office of Innovation and Technology
  • Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability

Private sector

  • Comcast
  • Juganu
  • US Ignite