The SmartCityPHL team is launching the ‘Smart Zones’ pilot project. This project will bring a technology solution to efficiently manage loading and unloading activity in the city.  

What is it? 

A smart zone is a designated space that helps manage loading spaces efficiently. Smart loading zones allow delivery companies to reserve spaces by providing reliable and real-time space availability information through a smart phone app.  

The City has designated 21 existing loading zones to pilot the project within the Center City district. The map of zones can be found here


With more delivery services throughout the city, there’s higher demand for loading spaces. Smart loading zones: 

  • provide an efficient way for delivery drivers to safely load and unload products; and  
  • aim to reduce the amount of unsafe and illegal parking in Philadelphia.  

How does it work? 

A smart zone operates on a pay-per-use fee structure.  Signage will let drivers know which loading zones are Smart Zones. The app will also highlight the 21 Smart Zones.  

To reserve a smart loading zone, users will download the Pebble app on their device, create an account, and add payment details. The app will show the availability of nearby Smart Zones to reserve for use. Drivers will be charged for the time they are in the zone. Like a rideshare app, drivers will be asked to put in a payment method in the app. Once the driver leaves the smart zone, the app will automatically charge the fee to this method.