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Smart Loading Zones

A SmartCityPHL project


The Smart Loading Zones pilot project concluded on Friday, April 14th. As of this date, drivers and loading zone users will no longer be required to utilize the app to reserve spaces in Center City. Please follow traffic and parking laws as marked. 

Thank you to our partners at the Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability, the Open Mobility Foundation, Philadelphia Parking Authority, and Sidewalk Labs (part of Google) for making this pilot project possible. Thank you to users for participating in using the app. All personal information and data is protected and will be expunged appropriately. 

The Smart Loading Zone Pilot tested technologies related to loading activity in Philadelphia. The goals were to: 

  • Provide a reliable, efficient way for delivery drivers to safely use curb spaces. 
  • Manage increased loading activity. 
  • Reduce unsafe and illegal parking. 

The pilot introduced 20 paid, curbside loading spaces for delivery drivers in Center City, known as “smart loading zones.” 

Delivery companies were able to reserve spaces and times through a smartphone app. Fleet managers registered fleets, entered license plates associated with the fleet, and added payment information on the Fleet Manager platform. 

Post-pilot evaluation and a final report will be released by the City of Philadelphia in the coming months. In the meantime, all questions can be directed to 




  • Office of Innovation and Technology, SmartCityPHL
  • Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability
  • Open Mobility Foundation
  • Philadelphia Parking Authority
  • Sidewalk Labs (part of Google)