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8th and Diamond Playground

A Rebuild project


8th and Diamond Playground is a 0.7-acre site that features playground equipment, a picnic area, and basketball courts. It also has a one-room multipurpose building that hosts community activities.

Project management

The Division of Housing and Community Development is leading this project, with funding from Rebuild, Council President Darrell Clarke, and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. If you have questions, contact us at


800 Diamond St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122
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Project Status: Complete

  • Expanded recreation center with improvements made to accommodate future programming needs
  • Playground renovations focused on intergenerational activities and play options that encourage physical activity
    • Dynamic climbing structures for children
    • A series of pull up bars for youth and adults
    • An intergenerational swing that allows caregivers to enjoy face to face playtime with younger children
    • “Old school” pavement games such as hop-scotch
  • Universally accessible spray ground
  • ADA accessible picnic tables
  • Game tables
  • Updated basketball courts