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Building stronger communities, one park, recreation center, and library at a time.


There are more than 400 neighborhood parks, recreation centers, and libraries in Philadelphia. They serve as safe spaces for people to learn, play, exercise, and get access to important services. However, about 90 percent of these places need investment.

A historic investment in Philadelphia communities

Made possible by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax, Rebuild is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in improving community facilities. Through its projects, Rebuild will:

  • Make physical improvements to parks, recreation centers, and libraries.
  • Promote diversity and economic inclusion. Rebuild will support minorities and women who work (or want to work) in the design and construction industries.
  • Engage with community members to leverage their knowledge, power, and expertise. Community feedback will inform the improvements that are made to facilities.

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1515 Arch St.
Mezzanine level
Philadelphia, PA 19102


Rebuild is renovating parks, rec centers, and libraries throughout Philadelphia. To learn more check out our list of approved sites or explore Rebuild’s interactive map.


Equity is a top priority for selecting Rebuild sites. Most sites are expected to be in high-need communities that face high rates of poverty, drug crimes, and health risks.

Rebuild prioritizes sites where the investment could promote community development and stabilization, as well as sites that are in extremely poor condition.


Rebuild projects must be approved by City Council. The approved projects will then launch in phases.

Some Rebuild projects could include small but important improvements, such as fixing a leaking roof or replacing a broken boiler. Other projects might design a new master plan for a site.

Project budgets will range from $50,000 to more than $13 million. The budget for each project will be based on the conditions of the facility.

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