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Adaptive and inclusive recreation programs

Supporting the mental, physical, social, cultural, and emotional growth of people of all abilities.

Rec For All – Parks & Rec’s Inclusion Plan

Parks and Rec has created a system-wide inclusion plan. This plan includes a series of recommendations and resources that seek to make recreation centers welcoming places for individuals with disabilities and the neurodiverse. The plan looks to:

  • Shift from a model of isolation to inclusion.
  • Enhance capacity and connection across PPR’s system.
  • Provide optimal service for all.
  • Support programs and amenities for all, in all neighborhoods.

View “Rec For All – Creating a Pathway for an Inclusive Recreation System for Philadelphians of All Abilities.”

What we do

Parks & Rec provides adaptive and inclusive programming to residents of all abilities. This includes those with physical disabilities and the neurodiverse.

For many years, we offered programs that met this goal at the Carousel House in West Fairmount Park. The original Carousel House building closed in 2020. Read about the Rebuild project that will transform this location.


Swimming programs

Parks & Rec is working to make our pools accessible to those of all abilities. Pool lifts are available at some outdoor pools.

These lifts provide access for anyone who needs help getting into the water. You sit on the lift seat and are then lowered into the pool. Wheelchair users must transfer out of their chair and onto the lift.

Notify a lifeguard if you need to use the pool lift at these locations: