Philadelphia Civil Service Regulations


8.01 -   APPLICATION FORMAT.  All applications shall be made in a format prescribed by the Director.  On such applications the Director may require information concerning training, experience, references, and such other information as deemed pertinent, including possession of certificates, licenses, or other evidence of competence.
8.021 -   REJECTION OF APPLICATION FOR LATENESS.  The Director shall reject any application filed after the time fixed for closing receipt of applications as announced in the public notice of examinations, or after a specified number of applications, announced in the public notice of the examinations, have been received.  Late applications, however, may be received and considered, if the Director determines that the needs of the service are best served by acceptance of the late applications, or if the Director gives public notice as defined in these Regulations, providing for an extension of the time fixed for receipt of applications, giving publicity to the new announcement equal to that given to the original announcement, and setting forth the reason for the reopening of the application period.
8.022 -   REJECTION OF APPLICATION BECAUSE OF EXAMINATION CANCELLATION.  In the event that the needs of the service do not require that an examination be given after its announcement, the Director may reject all applications for the class of position for which the examination was announced.  Under such circumstances, the Director shall inform each applicant either by mail, e-mail or comparable medium addressed to the candidate as indicated on the application, or by public notice, that the examination has been canceled and why it has been canceled.
8.023 -   DISAPPROVAL/DISQUALIFICATION FROM AN EXAMINATION.  The Director shall refuse to examine an applicant or shall disqualify a candidate at any time prior to appointment either during or after an examination:
8.023-1 -  who is found to lack any of the published requisite qualifications established by the Director for the examination for the position for which he or she applied; or
8.023-2 -  who has practiced or who has attempted to practice any deception or fraud in his or her application, declarations or in securing eligibility or appointment, including, but not limited to use of a fraudulent social security number or the use of another person's social security number while applying for employment.
8.024 -   RIGHT TO FUTURE CONSIDERATION.  The previous rejection of a candidate for admission to an examination shall have such bearing on subsequent application as the Director shall determine.
8.03 -   REJECTION NOTICE.  Whenever an application has been rejected, notice of such rejection with the reason or reasons shall be given to the applicant.
8.04 -   AMENDMENT OF APPLICATION.  A person whose application has been rejected because his or her application was incomplete or defective may amend the application at any time prior to the examination.  Applicants who have not submitted required documentation, such as transcripts and certifications, may be examined on a conditional basis.  Applicants are not eligible for certification or appointment until all requirements have been satisfied.
8.05 -   Applications For An Examination Announced for the Bilingual Specialty and Another Specialty of a Class.  Applicants will be required to complete only a single application when one examination is announced to fill positions both in the bilingual specialty of a class and in another specialty of the same class.
Any person who wants to apply for the bilingual specialty must respond affirmatively that he or she is fluent in a Non-English language or in American Sign Language as part of the application for employment.  An applicant who does not respond affirmatively that he or she is fluent in a Non-English language or in American Sign Language at the time of application subsequently may apply for the bilingual specialty by submitting a written request at any time prior to the administration of the first part of the examination.
All applicants will be considered to have applied for the specialty that does not require fluency in a Non-English language or in American Sign Language.