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Job Opportunities
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Job Opportunities

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Civil Service Exams:

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  • Open-Competitive Exams
    Open-competitive exams are open to the general public.

  • Concurrent Exams
    Concurrent exams are open to the general public, however, two separate lists are established for the job: a Promotional list for current Civil Service employees who passed the exam, and an Open-Competitive list for non-Civil Service passers. The Open-Competitive eligible list is not used to hire until the Promotional list is exhausted.

  • Promotional Exams
    Promotional exams are open only to current City of Philadelphia Civil Service employees who have successfully passed their 6-month probationary period and have a performance rating of satisfactory or better.

  • Department-Only Promotional Exams
    Department-only Promotional exams are promotional exams which are open only to employees currently working in the specified department.

Non Civil Service Jobs:

  • Non-Civil Service Job Opportunities
    Non-Civil Service City employment opportunities.  Please submit applications and/or resumes directly to the advertiser; any aplications and/or resumes sent to Personnel will not be forwarded.

Other Agencies:

You must apply separately for jobs in these agencies.  The City of Philadelphia Office of Human Resources does NOT accept, will NOT process, and is NOT responsible for any applications to these agencies.

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