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Civil Service Commission

The role of the Civil Service Commission is to advise the Mayor and the Director of Human Resources on problems concerning personnel administration in City service and to uphold the interest of the City's merit-based civil service system, a role which is vital to the public interest.

Administrative Board

The Administrative Board consists of the Mayor, Managing Director, and Finance Director. The Administrative Board reviews all changes to job class specifications and Civil Service regulations which have been approved by the Civil Service Commission.

Mayor's Office of Labor Relations

The Mayor created an Office of Labor Relations by Executive Order.

Pension Board

The Board of Pensions and Retirement ensures that retirement benefits promised to the active and retired members of the City's Pension system are provided in a timely and professional manner. The Board manages the assets of the pension system in the most prudent and efficient manner possible.

Employee Benefits Unit

The Employee Benefits Unit has, since 1984, administered a cafeteria plan for its non-represented employees that includes such options as various types and levels of life insurance, vacation trade, Sick leave Reduction incentives, Flexible Spending Accounts (health and child care) and long term disability.

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Unit

In compliance with federal law, the Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) Unit of the City of Philadelphia Office of Human Resources processes requests for accommodations for disabilities in Civil Service testing and employment. EEO/AA also investigates complaints of illegal discrimination or harassment within City departments.

Employee Training & Development Unit

The Employee Training and Development Unit coordinates and provides training and development tailored to the specific needs of City employees.