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City of Philadelphia

Contract Compliance

Individuals and businesses who have been awarded lucrative City contracts must abide by stringent requirements at every stage of the process, designed to guarantee fairness and equality. As part of the OIG’s ongoing mission to boost public confidence in City government by rooting out corruption, fraud, waste and misconduct, the Contract Compliance Unit is committed to protecting the integrity of the City’s contracting process.

With a multi-faceted methodology, the Contract Compliance Unit ensures that City contractors are not taking advantage of the system, and that the taxpayers of Philadelphia are always receiving an evenhanded bargain. We employ a comprehensive enforcement scheme that focuses on active education, detection, deterrence and prevention. 

Enforcement begins with education, and the Contract Compliance Unit is continually evaluating the City’s process and requirements to assist relevant parties in identifying and reporting potential instances of fraud. Armed with the proper tools, City employees and contractors can better detect fraud and the OIG can initiate appropriate investigations. OIG Contract Compliance investigations, in turn, drive results that create clear deterrents for fraudulent actors. As each component of the enforcement system works together, fraud is prevented from the ground-up.

Contract Compliance Process