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A message from the Inspector General

To the citizens of Philadelphia

The government of this great City exists solely to serve you, and this principle may not be adjusted, stretched, bent or compromised in any way. We at the Office of the Inspector General are here to ensure that every member of our government always acts in your best interests, so that you may be confident in our work and our services.

Corruption and fraud have no place in Philadelphia – we are hardworking, honest and upright. And, if we work together, we can continue to take pride in our home City. If you see corruption, if you see fraud, if you see dishonest practices, tell us. Don’t accept it silently. Any abuse, no matter how small, tarnishes our City and harms us all.

Together, we can keep our City government as clean and honest as we want it to be. It is my honor to serve you in this capacity – please join me.


Alexander F. DeSantis
Inspector General