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Office of the Inspector General

Rooting out corruption, fraud, and misconduct and increasing public confidence in City government.

Office of the Inspector General

What we do

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) works to keep City government free from fraud, corruption, and misconduct.

We conduct investigations of all government entities under the mayor’s jurisdiction. Our Contract Compliance Unit investigates individuals or businesses that work with the City or receive City funding. It’s our job to ensure that City employees, contractors, and grant recipients follow all requirements and operate with integrity.

The OIG has the power to:

  • Issue subpoenas.
  • Examine all City documents, contracts, and monetary expenditures.
  • Demand testimony from City employees.
  • Recommend administrative discipline, policy improvements, and contract or grant action.
  • Collaborate with law enforcement on issues of criminal activity and serious cases of fraud and corruption.

Our work relies on those who report wrongdoing in City government. Those who report wrongdoing in good faith will be protected.


601 Walnut St.
Suite 300 East
Philadelphia, PA 19106


Alexander F. DeSantis headshot
Alexander F. DeSantis
Inspector General

Alexander F. DeSantis is the Inspector General for the City of Philadelphia, having been appointed to that position by Mayor James F. Kenney in 2020.

DeSantis has been with the Office of the Inspector General since 2012, previously serving as the Deputy and First Deputy.  A dedicated public servant, DeSantis is an alumnus of the Teach For America program and spent several years supervising oversight investigations in New York City government.

DeSantis received his law degree with honors from Harvard Law School after completing his bachelors at Duke University.  He also holds certifications from the National Association of Inspectors General and has authored a number of professional presentations about best practices in government oversight.


Name Job title Phone #
Nicole Harrington Deputy Inspector General
Kristy Lieb Administrative Officer
Khalid Taggart Deputy Inspector General
Brian Tom PR Officer
William Washington Deputy Inspector General
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