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City of Philadelphia

Plaque Program

The Historical Commission authorizes property owners to install specially-made cast metal plaques on historically-designated buildings, structures, sites, objects, and interiors that are in restored condition.
A plaque is a wonderful way to demonstrate pride in an historic property and to announce that the Commission has recognized its historical significance and excellent condition. To apply for a plaque, please complete the Plaque Application Form and submit it to the Commission.

The Commission’s staff will review and approve the application if the property is designated as historic and in restored condition. If the property is not designated or not in restored condition, the staff will direct the applicant on the steps to take to qualify the property for a plaque. Once a plaque application is approved, the Commission issues a letter to the plaque manufacturer authorizing it to sell a plaque to the applicant and issues a letter to the applicant with directions for purchasing a plaque. Plaque prices fluctuate, but the plaques currently cost about $70.