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City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Historic Districts

List of Historic Districts in the City of Philadelphia and their associated documents 
The City of Philadelphia’s historic preservation ordinance, Section 14-1000 of the Philadelphia Code, authorizes the Philadelphia Historical Commission to designate buildings, structures, sites, objects, and districts as historic.

A historic district is a collection of historic resources that are linked geographically or thematically. Every resource within a historic district is classified as Significant, Contributing, or Non-Contributing. The classifications are listed in the inventory of the historic district. When the Historical Commission reviews a building permit application for a Significant or Contributing resource within a historic district, it seeks to protect the individual resource as well as the historic district as a whole. When it reviews a building permit application for a Non-Contributing property within a historic district, it seeks to protect the historic district but not necessarily elements of the Non-Contributing property.

The Philadelphia Historical Commission tracks and manages historically-designated properties using official addresses assigned by the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Property Assessment (OPA). Please note that the Historical Commission published some of its historic district inventories before it adopted the official City OPA-assigned addresses. Also, addresses can change owing to consolidations, subdivisions, and other events. Therefore, the addresses found in some inventories may not correspond directly with current OPA-assigned addresses. For assistance in correlating current OPA-assigned addresses to addresses found in the historic district inventories, please contact the Historical Commission’s staff.