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City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Register of Historic Places

The Philadelphia Register of Historic Places is the comprehensive, dynamic inventory of buildings, structures, sites, objects, interiors, and districts that the Philadelphia Historical Commission has designated as historic. When the Historical Commission designates resources as historic, it adds them to the Register. It occasionally rescinds designations and removes them from the Register. If a property’s address changes, for example because of a subdivision, consolidation, or partition into condominium units, the Historical Commission retains jurisdiction and the new addresses are automatically added to the Register. The Historical Commission has jurisdiction over all entries on the Register; it must review all proposals that require a building permit and/or that would alter the appearance of the historic resource prior to the commencement of work.

Most entries on the Philadelphia Register are listed by official City street addresses, which are assigned to tax parcels by the Office of Property Assessment (OPA). To determine whether the Historical Commission has designated a property as historic and listed it on the Register, you must use the property’s official, OPA-compliant address. The Office of Property Assessment website can be used to identify official, OPA-issued addresses. Alternate and approximate addresses are not listed on the Register. Please note that the Register is updated regularly. Therefore, the online Register can never be entirely accurate. It is provided online as a courtesy, but is not the official Register. For the latest information on the Register, please telephone the Historical Commission at 215-686-7660.

A few entries on the Philadelphia Register, primarily structures and objects such as bridges and fountains but also some buildings, do not have street addresses and are listed on the Philadelphia Register by name and approximate address.