City of Philadelphia: Current Applications
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City of Philadelphia

Current Applications

The following applications are under consideration by the Architectural Committee and Historical Commission. Please note that applications may be revised, and the most up-to-date application materials are available at the Historical Commission's office.

Agenda - Architectural Committee meeting, August 21, 2018

2101 Washington Ave - Demolish smokestack
2314 Green St - Demolish rear ell; construct 4-story rear addition and roof deck with elevator
1511 Lombard St - Reconstruct facade
300-04 Richmond St - Replace windows; construct ADA ramp; install mechanical equipment
643-45 N 15th St - Alter first-floor facade
318 Lawrence Ct - Construct rear addition
1401-15 Arch St- Install marquee; replace roof signage
251 S 18th St - Construct glass addition; cut new entrances
2042 Mount Vernon St - Construct rear decks, pilot house, side addition, and modify side and rear openings
262 S 16th St - Demolish non-contributing building; construct 7-story building
334 S Hicks St - Reconstruct facade; construct rear addition and roof deck
318 S 4th St- Construct addition
135 S 18th St - Modify entrance; install marquee, signage, lighting
2115 Spruce St - Demolish garage; construct 4-story building