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City of Philadelphia

Current Applications

The following applications are under consideration by the Architectural Committee and Historical Commission. Please note that applications may be revised, and the most up-to-date application materials are available at the Historical Commission's office.

Agenda - Architectural Committee meeting, 23 April 2019

600 Spring Garden St - Install mural on side wall
1503-05 Brandywine St - Construct four-story multi-family dwelling on surface parking lot
1640 Pine St and 1643 Waverly St - Construct additions; alter facade of 1643 Waverly St
2131 Mount Vernon St - Demolish rear; construct rear addition, roof deck, and pilot house
662 N 15th St - Construct four-story, multi-family dwelling 
621 S Hancock St - Legalize demolition of rear addition; construct addition; alter facade
1512-16 N Broad St - Demolish building 
8205 Seminole Ave - Remove porch and addition; construct addition
1918 Diamond St - Legalize stucco and paint on stringcourse and arch
1701 Porter St - Construct third-floor addition