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Zoning overview training webinar slides

The Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) presented a webinar series focused on zoning.

Name Description Released Format
Part 1: Zoning 101 training webinar slides PDF These slides cover zoning requirements including types of zoning permits and approvals, navigating the zoning code, the process of filing a zoning permit, pre-requisite approval processes, and the process of zoning expiration and extensions. February 29, 2024
Part 2: Use Classification training webinar slides PDF These slides cover use classifications found in the zoning code as well as an overview of nonconforming uses, accessory uses, the relationship between zoning and ownership, and documenting historic uses. April 3, 2024
Part 3: Zoning Research webinar slides PDF Instructions for using tools available to the public to conduct research for determining the legal use of a property. May 10, 2024
Part 4: eCLIPSE PDF These slides cover how to file a zoning application in eCLIPSE, including information on the application, pre-requisite approvals, and standard review times. June 13, 2024