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The Philadelphia Roadmap to Safer Communities

On September 27, 2018, Mayor Kenney issued an urgent “Call to Action” mandating that his Cabinet and senior leadership develop within 100 days a plan for how to dramatically reduce the killings and shootings in Philadelphia.

In response to this Call to Action, a comprehensive plan was created establishing a strategy for gun violence prevention and to reduce the rising gun violence rates, entitled The Philadelphia Roadmap to Safer Communities. This plan takes a public health approach to violence that uses science and data to better understand the problem. This approach also allows us to develop strategies to address the underlying factors that contribute to the violence in our communities, not the least of which is pervasive poverty.

Name Description Released Format
The Philadelphia Roadmap to Safer Communities PDF The Philadelphia Roadmap to Safer Communities includes recommendations to dramatically reduce shootings and homicides in the city over the next five years. January 17, 2019
The Philadelphia Roadmap to Safer Communities – Executive Summary PDF An executive summary of the report's vision and key recommendations. January 17, 2019