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Philadelphia Beverage Tax compliance forms

Dealers and distributors of sweetened beverages help each other remain tax compliant by acknowledging, and keeping records, of their business transactions.

The Department of Revenue provides the forms below to help dealers and distributors prove their PhiladelphiaBeverage Tax (PBT) compliance. These documents aren’t mandatory –you may use your own forms and records– but they can be presented to a PBT investigator during an audit.

Name Description Released Format
Dealer notification PDF As a dealer, you must notify distributors that sweetened beverages you sell in Philadelphia are covered by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax. You can use this form to notify your distributors. June 4, 2019
Distributor confirmation PDF As a distributor, you must send dealers a confirmation that you received their Philadelphia Beverage Tax notification. Send this form to your dealers as an official confirmation. June 4, 2019
Invoice supplement PDF Distributors must provide dealers with a receipt of the amount of sweetened beverages supplied, and the tax imposed, for each applicable transaction. This can appear in your own invoice, or this supplemental form. June 4, 2019