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Office of the Chief Integrity Officer


Vendors doing business with the City of Philadelphia should understand the City’s ethics rules. They can learn how to interact with City officers and employees through these resources.

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City ethics manuals

These guides outline the ethics requirements of the Philadelphia Code. They describe what City workers, City Council staff, or City board or commission members should do if they:

  • Have a conflict of interest.
  • Receive prohibited gifts or gratuities.
  • Want to engage in political activity.

Gifts, gratuities, and honoraria

Vendors can’t offer a City officer or employee any amount of money or gifts worth more than $99 over a calendar year if the vendor:

  • Needs an official action from the officer or employee.
  • Has a financial interest that could be influenced by the officer or employee through official action.

Vendors also can’t provide gifts to the officer or employee through another person.

Executive Order 10-16 prohibits City officers and employees from accepting money or certain gifts from specific sources. Key provisions include:

  • Defining “prohibited sources.”
  • Listing of the limited exceptions to the rule.
  • Establishing procedures for the return of prohibited gifts.
  • Outlining sanctions for offering prohibited gifts.
  • Regulating gifts between City employees.
  • Creating penalties for non-compliance.

Disclosure obligations

Known as the “Pay to Play” Law, Chapter 17-1400 of the Philadelphia Code makes the City’s contracting processes fairer. Requires eligibility restrictions, attribution rules, and mandatory disclosure requirements.

Sexual harassment

The City’s sexual harassment prevention policy prohibits discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation. Executive Order 2-18 bans discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity and outlines reporting and investigation processes.

Whistleblower protections

Executive Order 9-17 protects against retaliation for reporting wrongdoing or waste. Retaliation examples include dismissal, suspension, or demotion.