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Mayor's Commission on Aging

Partners and providers

The Mayor’s Commission on Aging is part of a network that seeks to connect seniors with their interests and needs. Not all providers are senior-focused, but the goal is to ensure that seniors seeking information get to the appropriate resource.

Support services include food access, housing security, employment and financial services, benefits access, and health and senior centers.

A network of support


AARP strengthens communities and fights for healthcare, employment security, and retirement planning.

Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging

PCA works to improve the quality of life for older Philadelphians and people with disabilities.

Senior Law Center

Senior LAW Center protects the rights of older Pennsylvanians through legal representation, education, and advocacy.

Philadelphia Older Adult Center

The Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department provides programming for older adults at six older adult centers across the City.

APPRISE Counseling Services

APPRISE helps Pennsylvania residents over 60 with all types of health insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid, and private policies. APPRISE counsels low-income Medicare recipients on their options for medical coverage.

Philadelphia Department of Public Health

Health operates eight city health centers that provide high-quality medical care to Philadelphia residents. Our health centers are located in neighborhoods all across Philadelphia. 

Benefits Data Trust (BDT)

Benefits Data Trust (BDT) partners with government agencies and other organizations to target individuals not receiving benefits and services that they are eligible for.