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Snow emergency routes

If your vehicle is parked on a street that is designated a snow emergency route, and a snow emergency is declared, you must move it or it may be ticketed and towed. The same rule applies to dumpsters.

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What’s a snow emergency route?

There are 110 miles of snow emergency routes in Philadelphia. These routes must be clear when there’s a winter storm, so that snow plows can pass through.

Snow emergency routes are marked with large red signs reading “Snow Emergency Route” in white letters.

What happens during a snow emergency?

The City declares a snow emergency when winter storms are expected to create dangerous conditions for vehicles or pedestrians.

Once the City declares a snow emergency, owners of vehicles and dumpsters parked along snow emergency routes must move them to alternate parking spaces until the emergency has been declared over.

  • If you do not move your vehicle or dumpster, you may be ticketed and your vehicle or dumpster may be towed.
  • Vehicles that cannot move under their own power are not exempt.

When moving your vehicle, park as far from the corner of the street as possible. Vehicles parked too close to the corner get in the way of snow plows trying to turn corners.

Motorists may drive on snow emergency routes as long as their vehicles are equipped to handle adverse conditions. Vehicles that stall or become stuck along snow emergency routes may be towed or fined.

Learn more about snow emergencies in the Philadelphia Code (12-2500).


Vehicles left on snow emergency routes will be moved to other parking spots to assist in snow plowing operations.

If your vehicle has been towed from a snow emergency route:

  • Call (215) 686-SNOW (7669) and press option four.
  • Do not call 911.
  • Be prepared to provide information to identify your vehicle.

Map of snow emergency routes

Snow emergency routes map

List of snow emergency routes

Street From To
6th St. I-676 off-ramp Market St.
7th St. Market St. I-676 on-ramp
15th St. I-676 off-ramp Market St.
16th St. Market St. I-676 on-ramp
20th St. Chestnut St. Market St.
26th St. I-76 on/off-ramps Penrose Ave.
34th St. University Ave. Grays Ferry Ave.
38th St. Walnut St. University Ave.
63rd St. City Ave. Walnut St.
Academy Rd. Frankford Ave. Grant Ave.
Allegheny Ave. Hunting Park Ave. I-95 on/off-ramps
Ben Franklin Pkwy. Art Museum Circle 16th St.
Bridge St. Harbison Ave. I-95 on-ramp
Broad St. Cheltenham Ave. I-95 on/off-ramps
Bustleton Ave. Frankford Ave. County Line Rd.
Chestnut St. Cobbs Creek Pkwy. 20th St.
City Ave. City boundary I-76 on-ramps
Cobbs Creek Pkwy. Walnut St. Woodland Ave.
Cottman Ave. I-95 off-ramp Fillmore St.
Enterprise Ave. Island Ave. I-95 on/off-ramps
Germantown Ave. N. Broad St. Northwestern Ave.
Girard Ave. Lancaster Ave. I-95 on/off-ramps
Grant Ave. Welsh Rd. Academy Rd.
Grays Ferry Ave. 34th St. Washington Ave.
Harbison Ave. Bridge St. Roosevelt Blvd.
Henry Ave. Cathedral Rd. Hunting Park Ave.
Hunting Park Ave. Henry Ave. Kelly Dr.
Island Ave. Woodland Ave. Enterprise Ave.
Kelly Dr. Lincoln Dr. Art Museum Circle
Lancaster Ave. City Ave. Girard Ave.
Lincoln Dr. Ridge Ave. Wissahickon Ave.
Market St. Schuylkill Ave. I-95 on-ramp
Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Art Museum Circle Falls Bridge
Ogontz Ave. Washington Ln. Cheltenham Ave.
Poplar St. West College Ave. Girard Ave.
Princeton Ave. Torresdale Ave. I-95 on/off-ramps
Ridge Ave. (North) Northwestern Ave. Cathedral Rd.
Ridge Ave. (South) Walnut Ln. City Ave. on-ramp
Roosevelt Blvd. 9th St. City boundary
Schuylkill Ave. Market St. Walnut St.
Sedgley Ave. Allegheny Ave. Allegheny Ave.
Stenton Ave. Northwestern Ave. Broad St.
Tacony St./State Rd. Bridge St. Tacony-Palmyra Bridge
Torresdale Ave. Cottman Ave. Princeton Ave.
University Ave. 38th/39th St. 34th St.
Walnut Ln. Wayne Ave. Ridge Ave.
Walnut St. Broad St. Cobbs Creek Pkwy.
Washington Ave. Grays Ferry Ave. Christopher Columbus Blvd.
Washington Ln. Wayne Ave. Ogontz Ave.
Wayne Ave. Walnut Ln. Washington Ln.
Welsh Rd. City boundary Grant Ave.
West College Ave. Poplar St. Girard Ave.
Wissahickon Ave. Lincoln Dr. Walnut Ln.
Woodland Ave. Cobbs Creek Pkwy. University Ave.