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Boards and committees

Learn about the work of the Board of Surveyors and the Solid Waste and Recycling Advisory Committee.

Board of Surveyors

The Board of Surveyors consists of Department of Streets leadership and staff. The board’s responsibilities include:

  • Holding public hearings on the confirmation and revision of plans relating to the street system.
  • Confirming or rejecting plans or revisions to the street system.
  • Approving bridge, street railway, and railroad plans, and grade crossing elimination projects.

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Solid Waste and Recycling Advisory Committee

The Solid Waste and Recycling Advisory Committee (SWRAC) includes Philadelphia residents, advocates, and business people appointed by the mayor. The committee advises the City on:

  • The preparation and implementation of its waste management and recycling plan.
  • Other solid waste and recycling policy and program matters.

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