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Board of Surveyors

Hearing requests for changes to the City's roadways.

Board of Surveyors

What we do

The Board of Surveyors consists of Department of Streets leadership and staff. The board’s responsibilities include:

  • Holding public hearings on changes to street system plans.
  • Confirming or rejecting plans or revisions to the street system.
  • Approving bridge, street railway, and railroad plans, and grade crossing elimination projects.

The board meets on the first and third Monday of the month at 2 p.m.


1401 John F Kennedy Blvd.
Suite 830
Philadelphia, PA 19102



Name Title Email Phone
Darin L. Gatti, PE (president) Chief Engineer
Karl E. Kriegh, PLS (vice president) Survey Bureau Manager
Thomas F. Marro, PLS (secretary) City Plans Officer
Daniel P. Burke, PLS Surveyor & Regulator, Ninth Survey District
Lee Geisler, PLS Surveyor & Regulator, Fourth Survey District
Michael A. Labrum, PLS Surveyor & Regulator, Fifth Survey District
Louis V. LaForest, PLS Acting Surveyor & Regulator, Seventh Survey District
Christian Petrowsky, PLS Surveyor & Regulator, Second Survey District