Philadelphia property owners have three important due dates coming up in March. The payment deadline for your 2024 property tax bill is one of them, as is the deadline for applying to reduce your bill or pay it in installments. Keep reading to learn more.

Real Estate Tax

Most Philadelphia property owners have already paid their 2024 Real Estate Tax bills. If you still haven’t paid yours, you have until March 31 to do so to avoid additional charges. The Philadelphia Tax Center makes it easy to find and pay your bill. Simply follow the prompts after selecting “Search a property,” under the “Property” panel. You can use eCheck to pay for FREE. You will be charged a processing fee if you use a debit or credit card.

We mailed the 2024 bills in December. Even if yours hasn’t arrived, you must still pay this tax on time. Your account will become overdue and incur additional charges if you pay after March 31. Paying your bill late can also result in a lien on your property and even its sale at a public auction.

You can avoid the extra burden by paying now or calling us at (215) 686-6442 about property tax relief and payment plans. Owners who live in their Philly homes may be eligible for the  Owner-Occupied Payment Agreement (OOPA) program.

Active Duty

Owners who are also military service members can reduce their bills by applying for the City’s Active Duty Tax Credit program. But you must hurry, as the 2024 deadline to apply for this credit is also March 31.

If you currently serve in the National Guard or reserve component of the U.S. Armed Forces and are called to active duty outside of Pennsylvania, you may qualify for Philadelphia property tax discounts. Qualifying service members should apply online. Find the “Search for a property” link under the “Property” panel on the Philadelphia Tax Center‘s homepage. Follow the onscreen prompts to submit your application. This credit won’t be automatically applied to your property tax bill. To continue enjoying this discount, you must apply yearly.

Installment Plan

March 31 is also the last day to apply for the 2024 Installment Plan. All seniors and some low-income homeowners can apply to pay their Real Estate Tax bills month-to-month. Review this informational program flyer to see if you’re eligible for an Installment Plan. The program is income- or age-based. You can easily apply on the Philadelphia Tax Center—no username and password required. You only need to complete this one-time application to begin paying your bills each month.

Here’s a quick recap of everything due on March 31

  1. Real Estate Tax bills for 2024.
  2. 2024 Installment Plan applications.
  3. Applications for the 2024 Active Duty Tax Credit program

The clock is ticking! Nevertheless, if a payment or application due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment or application will be due on the first business day following the weekend or holiday.

Photo credit: S. Carney