The City of Philadelphia offers several property tax relief programs to help low-income and elderly homeowners pay their property taxes. The Real Estate Tax Installment Plan is one of them. It allows you to pay your bill in monthly installments throughout the year without incurring any interest or penalties.

All Philadelphia seniors who own and live in their homes are eligible for this program regardless of income. You may still qualify even if you are not a senior as long as your household income and family size meet the program’s guidelines.

Now is your chance

We are now accepting current-year applications for the Installment Plan. Apply today to pay your 2024 Real Estate Tax bill month-to-month. The deadline to apply is March 31. This one-time application is all it takes to start paying your property tax bills monthly. New participants can pay their bills in eight installments in the first year.

Before you apply

We encourage you to review this informational program flyer to see if you’re eligible for an Installment Plan. Keep in mind that this program is income or age based:

  • If applying as a senior citizen, you must be at least 65 years old or have a spouse who lives in the same home who is at least 65 years old. All senior citizens are eligible for the program; seniors do not need to meet any income requirements.
  • For all other residents, please review the program’s family size and household income guidelines to see if you qualify as a low-income taxpayer.

The quickest way to apply is online

Head to the Philadelphia Tax Center to apply for a current-year Installment Plan in just a few minutes. You can access the Philadelphia Tax Center from your smartphone or tablet. A username and password aren’t required to apply for Real Estate Tax assistance programs on this website. Even better, the site is fully accessible in Spanish.

To apply by paper, please complete and return this current-year Installment Plan application. The paper application is also available in Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

After you apply

If approved, you’ll receive an acceptance letter from the Department of Revenue, followed by monthly payment notices. Keep in mind that we no longer send coupon books to participants. Taxpayers now receive monthly bills. When you make all required monthly payments, you are automatically enrolled in the Installment Plan for the following year.

You never have to reapply unless there is a change to your property deed. But be careful; a missed payment could end your participation in the program, and to get back in, you’ll be required to restart the application process.