Certain Fire Protection Inspection Certifications Due 

PHILADELPHIA – March 6, 2024, In an ongoing commitment to safety and compliance the City of Philadelphia, Department of Licenses and Inspections reminds property owners with fire protection systems that some inspection certifications are due. 

The Department of Licenses and Inspections will begin notifying some property owners with fire protection systems that require periodic testing and inspection under the Philadelphia Fire Code that the deadline to submit their certifications is May 31, 2024. Failure to renew certifications in a timely manner can lead to lapses in compliance, potentially compromising the safety and security of occupants and property. By staying proactive and up to date with certification requirements, property and business owners demonstrate their commitment to fire safety and risk mitigation. 

These notices are arriving just in time to align with Mayor Cherelle Parker’s initiative to secure a safer Philadelphia within the first 100 days of her administration. Ensuring that fire protection systems are operating at peak efficiency is paramount in safeguarding lives and property. Regular inspections and certifications are essential to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of fire protection measures. 

Properties that use the following fire suppression systems are subject to testing and inspection requirements:  

  • Fire sprinklers 
  • Fire alarms 
  • Emergency standby power 
  • Smoke control systems 
  • Dampers in high-rise buildings and certain occupancies providing social entertainment 
  • Other fire suppression systems, including protections for kitchen hoods, spray booths, or electrical equipment 

These inspections must be made by a qualified individual licensed by the City and certification must be provided using city forms. Visit the City’s website for more information on required certifications. Homeowners must refer to their operational manuals for maintenance and testing requirements of systems installed in their homes.  

All certifications of inspection should be submitted to The Department of Licenses and Inspections by May 31, 2024.   

How can property or business owners submit their certificates to L&I? 

Starting in April of 2023, The City of Philadelphia, Department of Licenses and Inspections sent out a mandate that requires all certifications to be submitted by a licensed inspector via the online portal, eCLIPSE 

How can property or business owners verify their certifications have been submitted?  

Certifications can be verified using Atlas, The City’s public access license, inspection, and certification portal. This helps property and business owners avoid unnecessary complaints and investigations while keeping the community informed about the safety of the buildings throughout Philadelphia.  

What happens if property or business owners miss the deadline? 

If the license certifications are not submitted by May 31, 2024, property and business owners may be subject to a violation. If a certification was completed but it is determined that the licensed inspector did not submit the certification, a fine of $300 will be issued to the licensed inspector.  

If your building is no longer serviced by a fire protection system, please click this link and complete this form by May 31, 2024. Additional information demonstrating that the building remains in compliance with the Philadelphia Code may be required.   

More information on maintenance certifications can be found on The Department of Licenses and Inspections website. Questions regarding fire inspections can be sent to FireSafetySystemCerts@phila.gov or you may call 3-1-1.