When used correctly, condoms are proven to be 99% effective against STDs and unintended pregnancy. During National Condom Month in February, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health is highlighting two condom distribution programs that promote safe sex.

The health department’s two condom distribution programs, Take Control Philly and Philly Keep On Loving, help address barriers to condom availability and accessibility. Last year, they distributed close to 738,000 condoms to people throughout the city. 

Take Control Philly was created in 2011 to address alarming rates of STDs among Philadelphia youth between the ages of 13-19. By visiting the website, Philly teens can create a customized condom order by selecting from:

  • Flared
  • Ribbed
  • Extra- large
  • Latex-Free
  • Female (insertive)

Orders can be placed twice a month. Each order comes with 10 condoms, or two female (receptive) condoms, water-based lubricant, directions on how to properly use a condom, and a palm card containing the information of the city’s sexual health centers.   

In 2012, the Health Department began installing condom dispensers in Philadelphia public schools. Students at all Philadelphia public high schools can visit the school nurse and pick up condoms as needed. 

In 2022, Philly Keep On Loving was created to provide information on sexual health resources including another opportunity for residents to easily and quickly have access to free condoms by ordering online. Philly Keep On Loving offers Trojan condoms, female condoms, and lubricant. Similarly to Take Control, orders will also come with 10 condoms, or two female (receptive) condoms, water-based lubricant, and directions on how to properly use a condom.  

In addition to requesting condoms online, residents may also pick up condoms for free at:

Currently, there are 128 partner walk-up sites across the city that residents can visit. Sites include universities, wellness resource centers, hospitals, bars and clubs, non-profit organizations, and more. If your organization would like to become a condom site, please let us know.