Philly businesses! Did you know that you can now view, file and pay all City taxes and most fees in one place online? Check out the Philadelphia Tax Center, the City’s official tax filing and payment website with information available in multiple languages.

Note: State and IRS taxes are not managed by Philadelphia’s Department of Revenue.

Billing for business taxes has resumed

In November 2021, the Department of Revenue paused delinquent billing for business taxes as the City transitioned to the new tax system: the Philadelphia Tax Center. Similarly, the accrual of interest and penalty on business taxes was paused in October 2022. The City has ended this period of suspension and resumed billing.

Keep an eye on your mailbox

From now on, you will receive monthly notices for credits, missed returns, and unpaid taxes and fees from the Department of Revenue – keep an eye on your business account’s mailbox. The resumed billing includes any delinquent bills, interest and penalties prior to November 2021.

Did you receive mail from the Department of Revenue already?

You will have 30 days from the date of your bill to pay any outstanding balances without additional penalties and interest. Businesses are encouraged to work with an accountant and make a plan on bill repayments. The more you know what you owe, the more you can plan ahead for your daily operations and support the success of your business in the long-term. Minimizing penalties and interest is crucial for maintaining healthy profit margins. Take care of the bills as soon as possible.

Create an account and manage your bills

The fastest way to pay City taxes and fees is through the Philadelphia Tax Center.

Creating a username and password unlocks your access to additional features and flexibility. For example, creating a username and password allows you to view bills for all business types and locations that you own from a single dashboard. This way, you can manage all taxes and fees associated with each business without switching accounts. IMPORTANT: One account can help you stay on-track with your bills.

You can also pay electronically without creating a Tax Center login profile or a username and password. Using the Letter ID found at the top of your bill makes paying online easier. Just select “Make a payment”, under the “Payments” panel from the Tax Center’s homepage, and pick “Yes” to pay a current year’s bill.

Contact us

Need assistance with your City taxes?

The Department of Revenue is here to assist and support your business with all tax-related questions you may have by emailing or calling (215) 686-6600. Assistance is available in over 240 languages by asking a representative for language accommodation over the phone or in person when visiting their offices.

Prefer to meet in-person?

Visit the Department of Revenue at the Municipal Services Building:

1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Need assistance with your business operations?

Contact the Department of Commerce Office of Business Services (OBS) by emailing or calling (215) 683-2100 for one-on-one assistance.

Our Business Services Managers speak many languages and can also meet you in-person in neighborhoods across Philadelphia. OBS can help you:

  • Navigate City requirements to start, operate and grow your business.
  • Find financing and incentive opportunities.
  • Address challenges as your business grows.
  • Connect with community and neighborhood organizations.