In 2020, the City launched the Local Business Purchasing Initiative (LBPI). The LBPI makes it easier for local businesses to discover opportunities to work with the City. 

Overall, the LBPI simplifies the contracting process for local businesses. Contracts for local businesses—which will include amounts between $34,000 and $103,000—will be put into effect faster.  

Additionally, the LBPI offers certain opportunities that will only be open to local businesses. 

To be eligible for these opportunities, businesses need to get certified as a Local Business Entity with the City of Philadelphia.  

Don’t worry—it’s quick, easy, and free! 

Getting certified

Here’s how a local business can get a Local Business Entity (LBE) certification: 

  1. Download and fill out the LBE application 
  2. The City will let you know about your status within 10 business days of receiving your application. 
  3. Once your business has been certified, you will receive an email that lets you know of your certification status.  
  4. If your application is missing information, the City will reach out utilizing the email address provided on the application.  

The LBE certification is valid for 5 years, but businesses will need to submit a Continuing Eligibility Affidavit by July 31 of each year. 

Investing in our city

Getting certified as an LBE will provide local businesses access to unique opportunities within the City.   Local businesses are the backbone of cities—especially in Philadelphia. Additionally, the LBPI will benefit minority-owned and women-owned businesses if they get certified as a local business entity as well. Philadelphia is a diverse city, and we want to reflect that in the City’s work and partnerships. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your local business certification today!