In Parkside, football is more than a game. It is a reason for getting up early, for working hard, and for practicing late. For many, football is synonymous with family, and with community.

But without a field in the neighborhood, Parkside schools and volunteer-led youth sports clubs are at a disadvantage. With no home field, teams travel outside of the City – at their own expense – just to play football with their neighbors.

Thanks to Rebuild’s once-in-a-generation investment, the West Parkside community will soon have a game-ready track and field located nearby. The new field will be at Edgely Fields in West Fairmount Park.

Edgely Fields is an 8-acre multi-sport recreation enclave in West Fairmount Park. Home to cricket, disc golf, golf, and cycling, the site is currently permitted for recreational athletics and community events.

Coming soon: The Edgely Game Field (4000 Edgely Drive, Philadelphia PA 19131)

Here are some common questions about the new field:

Is a stadium coming to Edgely?

No. The regulation-sized track and football field will host youth athletic competitions and practices, and sit alongside existing ultimate frisbee and cricket fields. The new field will include:

  • Bleachers
  • Restrooms
  • A regulation-sized track
  • A multi-sport turf field

Edgely Fields will continue to host cricket, disc golf, and other permitted recreational athletics.

Why this location?

Located in West Fairmount Park, Edgely is accessible to its Parkside neighbors and visiting teams. The site is already used for recreational sports, which will reduce the need to cut down trees or de-forest existing areas of natural lands.

What’s next?

Rebuild is in the midst of reaching out to and meeting with stakeholders in the Parkside community as well as current and future users to ensure an inclusive design process. The City expects to break ground on the upgrades later this year.

Funded by Rebuild, the game field will serve as the first-ever home field for West Parkside youth sports clubs and public schools.