The new digital system expands online services, makes it easier for residents and businesses to file and pay taxes, and improves government efficiency 

PHILADELPHIA – The Philadelphia Department of Revenue today announced the launch of the City’s new tax system of record. The cloud-based system replaces the existing 35-year-old database and equips local government with the technology it needs to collect essential revenue more efficiently in the future. For taxpayers, the new system delivers new self-service options, a mobile enabled interface, and enhanced security of personal information.

This week marks the first phase of the system’s implementation, and includes a new bilingual, public-facing website for filing and paying taxes—the Philadelphia Tax Center. The new website provides taxpayers more control and insight into their tax accounts. It also allows Philadelphia residents and businesses to request assistance and communicate with the Department of Revenue more easily. The first phase of this technology project includes the City’s major business taxes. Property taxes will be added in October 2022, as part of the project’s second phase.

“I’m incredibly proud of our entire team for developing this innovative new online system which has been years in the making,” said Revenue Commissioner Frank Breslin. “The Philadelphia Tax Center vastly improves the online filing and payment experience for taxpayers and is the result of thoughtful consideration of and engagement with taxpayers and their needs. Taxpayers will benefit from improved self-service options, and our staff will have access to a streamlined, 21st-century system that is easier to understand and use.”

“Improving customer service for residents and businesses is a top priority for the City,” said Commerce Director Michael A. Rashid. “The Philadelphia Tax Center will make doing business easier for the city’s small businesses, who are the backbone of our economy. By modernizing the system and also offering the website in Spanish, we will ensure everyone can live, work, and thrive in Philadelphia.”

Currently the Philadelphia Tax Center supports the following taxes:

  • Business Income and Receipts Tax (BIRT)
  • Wage, Earnings, and Net Profits Tax
  • School Income Tax
  • Liquor Tax
  • Beverage Tax

The Real Estate Tax and all other taxes will be incorporated next year.

Beyond electronic filing and payment for Phase One taxes, taxpayers who create a username and password will be able to view and manage all their tax accounts in one place, apply for payment agreements online, and access their account history. Taxpayers will also be able to assign managers, like bookkeepers and tax preparers, to each account. The Philadelphia Tax Center is completely accessible in Spanish.

While taxpayers do not need to create a username and password to use the Philadelphia Tax Center, they are encouraged to do so. If not, they can still respond to letters or make payments as a guest. However, residents and business owners can continue to file paper returns, pay in cash, and make in-person visits to the department.

The Department of Revenue has published an online guide for the new website in English and Spanish. It includes printable resources, as well as videos that give an overview of the system and demonstrate how to create a username and password.