Some important construction and building safety information must be uploaded to eCLIPSE so it can be better tracked. This information includes subcontractor names, certifications of fire protection systems, and façade inspections as described below.

1. Disclosing every subcontractor that will work under your permit

Contractors named on a permit are responsible to name every subcontractor working under that permit.

Contractors must access their permit online in eCLIPSE and update the permit record within three days from the start of any work authorized by that permit. The permit record must be kept up to date if additional subcontractors are brought on later.

Remember that if someone is working under your permit and they are not your wage employee, they are a subcontractor and must have their own license and be named on your permit.

Refer to the step-by-step instructions on how to add a subcontractor to a permit in eCLIPSE.

Visit contractor and posting requirements for more information.

2. Building certification for fire protection and electrical inspections

All sprinkler, standpipe, special hazard suppression, fire alarms, smoke control systems, and electrical certifications must be inspected and certified by qualified tradespeople. This does not apply to one-or two-family dwellings.

Licensed third party inspectors must submit a copy of the certification to L&I verifying the system passed inspection or testing. If the system fails inspection, inspectors must send the appropriate deficiency notice to L&I.

All forms must be submitted online using eCLIPSE.

Refer to the step-by-step instructions on how to submit a fire protection inspection certification in eCLIPSE.

Visit the fire protection certification page for more information on certification requirements.

3. Façade inspections

When an engineer’s inspection finds that a façade is generally safe but in need of repairs, the repairs must be completed within six months. The contractor or engineer must submit a Summary Inspection Report detailing repairs through eCLIPSE.

Refer to the step-by-step instructions on how to submit a maintenance inspection report in eCLIPSE.

Visit the maintenance inspections page for more information on certification requirements.