While the City of Philadelphia will always support the constitutionally protected right to peacefully assemble, it is also our intention to prevent violence and property damage. When there is the possibility of demonstrations and civil unrest in Philadelphia, it is recommended that businesses have a plan to quickly communicate with their employees, and educate them on how to report suspicious activity. Sign up for the City’s Ready Philadelphia alerts by texting ReadyPhila to 888-777 and follow City social media accounts. 

As demonstrations can develop in real-time, the Philadelphia Police Department will increase police presence and resources to protect people and critical infrastructure and our commercial corridors. 

Business owners can take the following steps to protect their businesses:

Protecting Business Exterior

  • Business name and street address should be clearly marked in the front and rear of your building.
  • Bring signs, flags, flowerpots, or any other non-fixed objects inside when the business is not open.
  • Businesses should be well lit in the front and rear. 
  • Make sure all commercial dumpsters are secured.
  • If the business has outdoor dining, secure furniture and decor or bring items inside at night. Secure or remove portable heaters and propane tanks.

On neighborhood commercial corridors, the Department of Commerce offers matching funds for improvements to facade lighting and signage through the Storefront Improvement Program.

Security Cameras

  • If security cameras are installed, make sure they are in good working order.
  • Ensure cameras have ample storage and that employees know how to download or share images with police. 
  • Make sure cameras cover all access points, such as windows, doors, and the front and rear of the business.

Exterior cameras can be registered with the Philadelphia Police Department through the Safecam Program. Any suspicious footage should be sent to the Philadelphia Police Department at tips@phillypolice.com.

Securing Your Business

  • The City of Philadelphia is not recommending that storefront businesses close or board up doors and windows, but we understand those that choose to do so.
  • Reinforce windows and doors to prevent breakage. Remove merchandise from view. 
  • Consider the entire perimeter of your property and ensure less visible areas like the back of your property are secure.
  • If you plan to be away from the business for an extended period of time, empty display cases of goods and store merchandise in a secure area. 
  • If your business has an ATM, remove any ATM signage that can be seen from the street and/or post a sign that all cash has been removed from the ATM.
  • Cash registers should be left open and empty at night.

If you see vandalism or suspicious activity, please call 911. For more information about keeping your business safe, contact your local Philadelphia Police District. Identify your district here. You can contact your Police District to request a security assessment.

Businesses are also encouraged to meet their neighbors and exchange contact information.