UPDATE (November 2, 2021): The City’s new tax filing and payment website, the Philadelphia Tax Center, is now live. From now on, please complete online returns and payments for most City business taxes on the new website. Check out our online tax center guide for help getting started and answers to common questions.

In December, the City of Philadelphia mailed Real Estate Tax bills to thousands of Philadelphia property owners. Even if you didn’t receive your bill in the mail, you are still responsible for paying it – and on time!

Property taxes support local schools, parks, police and fire protection, and other essential City services. Not paying the tax will result in extra fees. Eventually, you can also get stuck with a lien and even a Sheriff Sale.

Real Estate Tax bills for 2021 are due by March 31, 2021.

If you haven’t received your bill yet, or it’s just gone missing, it’s simple to get a new one.

Do you have a mortgage?

Your Real Estate Tax bill may have gone directly to your mortgage company if you have a home mortgage loan. Most lenders set up an escrow account so that homebuyers pay their Real Estate Taxes as part of monthly mortgage payments.

But not all mortgages have an escrow account! If you are unsure about your situation, you should check with your lender.

Paying property taxes

You can always check your balance and pay online. If you want or need a paper bill, you can request one by sending an email to revenue@phila.gov or calling (215) 686-6442.

We have many other convenient ways to pay:

Need a new Real Estate Tax coupon? Watch this video to learn how to print a coupon yourself.

If you can’t pay your Real Estate Taxes in full, don’t wait! Contact us about entering into a payment agreement. Write an email to revenue@phila.gov or call (215) 686-6442.