UPDATE (November 2, 2021):The City’s new tax filing and payment website, the Philadelphia Tax Center, is now live. From now on, please complete online returns and payments for most City business taxes on the new website. Check out our online tax center guide for help getting started and answers to common questions.

Most Philadelphia taxes can be filed and paid online. In fact, online payment is mandatory in some business tax cases. Online filing and paying is safe and easy. It saves time and reduces errors for both the City and taxpayers. The first step is to register for a Philadelphia Tax Account ID number, and a PIN. Your Philadelphia Tax Account ID is required when applying for a Commercial Activity License.

This article will outline:

  • Internet settings and tips for successful online account registration.
  • How to register for a Philadelphia Tax Account ID number.
  • How to apply for a Department of Revenue PIN number.

Before you start

Check your internet settings to ensure your pop-up blockers are turned off. Do not use Internet Explorer when accessing our website as it is outdated. Use Firefox or Chrome or download the newest version of Microsoft Edge.

In most cases, you will need your federal Employee Identification Number, or EIN. If you are registering to file and pay School Income Tax or Earnings Tax, you will need your Social Security Number (SSN).

Registering for a Tax Account

  1. Go to https:https://ework.phila.gov/revenue/
  2. Click the “Register for an Account” link along the left side.
  3. Select EIN or SSN and enter the corresponding information.
    Your EIN or SSN should be nine digits. If there is a digit missing, please go back to the very beginning then reenter your EIN or SSN without dashes and spaces.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Complete the Profile Page (make sure to complete all required fields and select a category for each drop down box at the bottom of the page.)
  6. Complete the Tax Type page by selecting the appropriate tax type.
    ●  Click on the link of each tax type to view details about that tax.
    ●  Corporations are not liable for the Net Profits Tax.
    ●  When selecting Wage Tax, please enter a withholding dollar amount.
    ●  To register for the Use and Occupancy Tax, contact customer service at (215) 686-6600 or revenue@phila.gov.
    ●  Complete the Address Page with business location (if you have multiple Philadelphia business or rental properties, enter the address for each).
    ●  Click the “Add” button after every entry.
    ●  Accept any address suggestions. If necessary, call (215) 686-6600 or email revenue@phila.gov, to correct your address in our tax system after registering.
  7. Complete the Officer Page if required (Partners or Officers enter your SSN – Corporate Partners enter the company EIN).
  8. Click Submit.

Once you’ve submitted your information, your new Philadelphia Tax Account ID will be emailed to you. You can now use it to register for a Commercial Activity License, if applicable. You must be registered for the Business Income and Receipts Tax to register for the license. If you need further assistance, you can contact Licenses & Inspections at (215) 686-8686.

Getting a Department of Revenue PIN

PIN numbers are generated by the City when you register your business. You can contact customer service to see if a PIN has been created.  If you did not receive a PIN along with your Account ID, please see the instructions below:

  1. Go to https://ework.phila.gov/revenue/
  2. Click the “Apply for a PIN” link along the left side.
  3. Enter your tax information.
  4. Click Apply.

Once your request has been processed, your PIN will be emailed to you. For questions about your account, call (215) 686-6600 or email revenue@phila.gov.